Our items have been specially selected and as such will be difficult to replace at times, therefore all bookings are subject to a deposit at the time of booking to cover breakage, damage, loss or late cancellation.
Deposits will be "20% of the total order or 50.00 whichever is the greatest.
Breakages will incur a charge of 3x the hire price. i.e. hire price 10.00 worth of china with be 30.00 replacement charge. This will cover our costs for searching to replace the item, travel and purchace price.
In the event that your deposit does not cover all breakages, damage or loss a final bill will be sent to cover the difference.

Delivery and collection

We offer a full delivery and collection service.
Alternatively, you may collect and return the items yourself
In all cases two printed checklists of your order will be supplied.
Items collected in person will be checked individually by us against the checklist as it leaves our premesis and again when it is returned. Items collected and returned in person must be returned washed and re-packed in our containers and will be rechecked individually upon its return for any damage. Once the return checklist is complete your deposit will be returned minus any breakage, damage or loss charges.
We are more than happy for you to be present when we check the items.
Alternatively we can deliver your items for you washed and ready to use.
The delivery charge is 50p per mile, Collection will also be 50p per mile.

We also offer a table laying service.
Each item will be checked by us and put in place for you and your guests.
50p per setting is charged for this service.

Washing and laundering

We are happy to take your used items away unwashed to save you the trouble of doing it.
Washing is charged at 10% of your total order, ie. if your order is for 100.00, the charge for washing after use will be 10.00 and will be payable upon booking.


If in the unlikely event you need to cancel your event we require 14 days notice prior to the event.
Bookings cancelled after this will incur a charge of the full deposit.
If you have selected to have your items returned unwahsed, we will return this fee upon cancellation.

Terms and conditions